Baklava, Maybe


thin and translucent
turns sunlight into sugar
stirs my spoon

phyllo dough from scratch
layers repetitive
melt in your mouth

Decadent, rich
lots of honey and nuts
and with a little Vin Santo
you will sleep like a cat.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and  All rights reserved.

Wrote this with my writing group recently. The prompt was ‘holiday dessert.’ I’ve discovered I like writing about food.
Thanks for indulging me. Wishing you a sweet New Year. xoxo

8 thoughts on “Baklava, Maybe

  1. Thank you, Brad. I love baklava for breakfast! Had too many sweets this year though, there are just sweets everywhere, need to get rid of them.


  2. Thanks, Dale! How did she make it?
    And homemade dough only if I have help in the kitchen with my mess! I use Athens rolls too because I like it for other things. (Plus it fits in my pan)


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