The Perfect Storm

To be dangerous 
but not have to be

To possess the potential 
to wreak havoc

To dance the most complex waltz 
every day of your life

To face the most unlikely.

When it all comes together.
When the rage has you.
When you are called on that 
great challenge 
but you cannot manage what that 
great challenge 
calls you to do.

Will you unleash the monster
Your power as the monster
Will you be the monster
Will you struggle
Give in
Let it win?

Or will you say 

Copyright © Kelly Huntson and


One thought on “The Perfect Storm

  1. Sometimes it seems like there is no choice and we are destined for a road already laid out before us. Life is more complex than we can imagine, but the decisions we make can be simpler than we allow ourselves to believe.

    Thank you for sharing this thought provoking piece. It reminds me of what struggling with my deepest battles with depression was like. Fighting, but not sure where the enemy is, if there is an enemy, or if I myself am the enemy.

    Take each day as it comes, sharing our stories with each other to learn and live as best we can. I pray you go well into the coming week. ✨

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