Serendipitous Interference


Taking pictures on a precarious rock.
Truly inspired.
Power lines harmonic, the 60 cycle hum.
Strange, acoustic properties.
A passing afternoon.

An edgy buzz.

Like AM radio static
dust blown from needle
the scratch before the verse
the album like a scar
the words to what you feel
eerie, nested metaphors
the lime plant closed.

Raw sights of winter. 

Perceptual couplings
unedited, glare
skin shared on surface;
strong light averts my eyes
like a watermark sticks, soothes
the lake, my life:
the flash of fire, driftwood on the beach.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and

*originally posted April, 2020

Sufficiently distant


Thank you for reading. Take good care. 

4 thoughts on “Serendipitous Interference

    1. Hi Neil and thank you!
      The photos are from the Huron Pier and Lighthouse at the mouth of the Huron River on Lake Erie’s southern shore. I took the pictures there along with photos of walleye fishermen coming and going in the harbor last February.
      Thanks for reading, take good care as well.

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