The Spectacle That Blows

Francisco Goya, 1799

I AM the crazy person


to what you’d like me to believe.

I am the brazen extremist

convinced of x, y, z.

I “identify” with this

but that limits me.

I am the troll demon

the hyper-user

the verified real.

I am the fire-breathing beast: 

Adult, human, female.

I question.

I challenge. 

I dissent.

I resist.

100% groupthink?

Plans to cancel me next!

Should I die?

I did not comply.

decreased the automatism

did some thinking



maybe (probably?)

preempt and counter me

into The Realm of 


Slap a label on it.

In a kitchen-sink

kind of way

stay safe 

in an onslaught

of TikToks.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and


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