Ants At The Picnic

Glimmers, a force greater than I
watch surrounded by fireflies 
the phoenix rise from a dumpster fire
hovers on the mind and feeds it.

Fortified with hysteria
craziness spread on thick
globs, something you don’t like
left on paper-thin plates —
regurgitate —
you don’t have to clean up.

Undermined by empathy
never was taken to task;
to struggle
the good struggle
the struggle is good
what is good
for someone other than YOU?

Expand on that
expand that
outward like ants
understand to lack
take your crumbs
jump the line
heave your crumbs
out of line
happy to have
your crumbs smaller
something much larger
they are used to carrying.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and  All rights reserved.