About Me

Hello and welcome!

I am a registered nurse, health educator, researcher, and writer.

In my professional life, I have worked for over twelve years as a health educator in corporate wellness where I provide individual consultations and employee education with respect to disease and lifestyle management. In addition to my nursing degree, I have a BA in Communications and several certifications including training in cognitive behavior therapy. 

I pursue my passion for creative writing and poetry through this blog, a special sanctuary for me that has proven to be therapeutic. I encourage everyone to engage in some form of creative expression. 

And lastly, when and if I disappear for a while, it’s usually because my healing self has tethered my creative self to something work-related or some other pursuit. But when the wine is good, and the music is playing, and the light falls across my keyboard just so, I’ll probably pop up in your reader or email with something new.

Thank you very much for the visit. Come back soon!

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“There are three ways of arriving at an opinion on any subject. The first is to believe what one is told; the second is to disbelieve it; and the third is to examine the matter for oneself. The overwhelming majority of mankind practice the first method; of the remainder, the overwhelming majority practice the second; only an infinitesimal remnant practice the third.”

Bertrand Russell’s American Essays 1931–1935, Vol. II, Essay. 37: What to Believe, p. 454 (24 August 1931)


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