Links to sites I use professionally and personally:

Healthy Shopping Guide and List (print copies of this excellent guide to assist you at the grocery store)

Healthday Wellness Library 

Vitamin Insight (informational guide)

The Earthing Institute

Learn the Buteyko Method — How to Do Buteyko Breathing Exercises, and More, for Better Breathing 24/7

The Stillness Is You (highly recommended meditation video by Deepak Chopra)

Immune Boosting Easy Kundalini Yoga for Beginners  20 min.

Drug Prevention

The Burzynski Clinic

Grief and Mourning/Crisis hotlines in US and Canada

Crystal Bowl 14 min. Chakra Meditation With Notes CDEFGAB  (Sound healing)

Upa yoga/5 minute practices – Free videos

Vinyasa Flow Online Yoga Class for Beginners – Free YouTube video

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief – Free YouTube video

Center for Healthy Minds at University Wisconsin-Madison

American Mindfulness Research Association

The Center for Mind/Body Medicine