Main Street, Plymouth
Plymouth, Ohio

Empty streets, ruffled edges

daffodils yellow; yellow twice

the swish of my vintage skirt

yes, please, I’ll try another one on

twirls ’round Main Street, Plymouth

the flesh of the state echoes

do you care?


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and  All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Main Street, Plymouth

    1. Hi Geri
      Thank you for your comment. It has prompted me to add the location to the photo, which in retrospect, I should have done when I posted it.
      At the time, I was so struck by the town’s hauntingly forgotten vibe, that I just wanted to express that feeling.
      Thanks again for reading.


    1. Hi William
      No, it’s Plymouth, Ohio. A small village, population under 2,000.
      Drove through it on a work trip, snapped a couple of photos from my car window.


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