To the left of center is a blip: A gooey mess, an ideology, a notion possessed, the most rank of the rankest “stuff” there is.

A finger in the crust tangled in the plums (actually, burnt meringue) pulls out the answer before the question posed. Outrage contrived. Empathy sacrificed. Sliced into bits before it draws flies.


Audacious, pesky, fact-checking flies!

The correct answer?


The best answer?


Come on, Man!

Ever get banned?

The Redditors are storming and 


Hey, can I have whatever drugzzz you’re doing?

The sky is green, the grass is blue.

Yeah, wrong.

And that’s the most right answer there is.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and kellyhuntson.com All rights reserved.

*originally published Feb., 2021

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