The Nightly Scream

Mansfield Reformatory
Mansfield, Ohio
© Kelly Huntson and

Unconsciousness is unawareness is blindness;
how do I make you see
open eyes see all the lies
here, in this 3D experience.

In this flesh suit, this avatar
don’t think—
I’ve been here before
this place is a trip
a conspiracy, a theory
all of these… people
on the tell-a-vision;

A man, a dog
do they not work
do they not work together
do they not work together to
control the sheep?

The media is the medium to
propagate the propaganda
the narrative, the illusion
that there is a choice.

Big lies.
Big lies repeated until they are believed;
the gossip, the ceremonial rage and
ooooh another show of opposition
will they ever learn the truth:

Santa Claus isn’t real
even though they’ve heard him
they’ve seen him
they’ve whispered in his ear
this is what I want
this is what I need
I must have it, dear Santa
pretty, pretty please?

And while I have your ear
dear Santa, can you tell me;
can you tell me why;
can you tell me why does tragedy
real tragedy require such

Change the paradigm
change the results
change the frequency
change the perception
the weight of silence
the inaction
the hollow words
the lit candle
Change the conditioning.

I want to unsee it
I want to unlearn it
I want to watch the machinery
stutter, stop, finally fail because


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and  All rights reserved.

*originally published Dec., 2020

Thank you for reading. Stay in the light of truth.


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