I bring an intention for healing

activated, warm energy 

audible, physical sound vibrations

surround me, build connection.

Clarity washes over me

rich, clear, calming tones

harmonic tones

take me to the internal

draw me deeper.

Frequencies touch—

every part of my being

my every cell

heart-focused, dives 

into my meditative mind.


Copyright © Kelly Huntson and  


If you haven’t already begun a daily meditation practice, now is certainly a good time to start!

I have found that bringing more of my senses into the meditative experience helps me focus, specifically the sense of sound. 

It is important, however, to find sounds that feel harmonious to you, sounds that feel stable and supportive.

If you’ve never experienced sound therapy, try listening to the fourteen-minute video below. 

Immerse yourself in the resonance of the notes as you progress upward through seven energy centers in the body, or chakras, for about two minutes per note. 

Focus your mind on the location of each of the chakras in your body. Visualize each chakra’s corresponding color. Hold an associated crystal in your hand. (The placebo effect is very powerful.)  

Open yourself and release.


Start with the Root Chakra

location: base of the spine

color: red

crystal: hematite

note: C


Sacral Chakra

location: lower abdomen, below the navel

color: orange

crystal: carnelian

note: D


Solar Plexus Chakra

location: upper abdomen, above the navel up to the sternum

color: yellow

crystal: malachite

note: E


Heart Chakra

location: center of chest

color: green

crystal: rose quartz

note: F


Throat Chakra

location: throat area

color: light blue

crystal: aquamarine

note: G


Third Eye Chakra

location: between the eyes

color: indigo

crystal: amethyst

note: A


Crown Chakra

location: top of the head

color: violet

crystal: opal

note: B


Wishing you the very best in health and happiness